Ask the Expert - Bruno des Fontaines



Bruno des Fontaines

Vice President, Business Solutions
Amadeus Asia Pacific



Quiz Bangkok-based Bruno on corporate travel, duty of care and even hotel distribution, an area he used to oversee. Prior to taking up this new position in 2011, he has held roles such as managing director of the Amadeus Hotel Property Management Solution Division and regional director for the Hospitality Business Group in Asia-Pacific.




What does the future hold for mobile travel apps?

Are mobile travel solutions developers on the right track? What other mobile services do you think would be useful?

How do I please travelling staff yet meet my company's bottom line?

I'm a secretary to a family-owned manufacturing company and am new to corporate travel arrangements. The MD is insistent that we keep travel costs down but he does not want to be the devil, leaving me to "tell off" colleagues. How can I find middle ground without upsetting the MD and travelling colleagues?

Must I hire a TMC to handle business travellers?

I am a HR manager in a medium-sized firm based in China that has started to send employees abroad for business. Should we be thinking of hiring a travel arranger or trying to cope with it in-house first? What do we have to bear in mind if we want to manage travelling staff by ourselves?