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Frank is president of Brand Karma (, which specialises in social media management for the hospitality and travel industry. As Carlson Hotels Worldwide's former executive vice president of revenue generation in Asia-Pacific, he was responsible for ensuring that business solutions were productive and efficient within the region. Mine his expertise on social media management, reservation and distribution services, sales and marketing, revenue management, e-commerce as well as managing a hotel. 


Are mobile travel solutions developers on the right track?

Are mobile travel solutions developers on the right track? What other mobile services do you feel would be useful?

Social media is all the rage

Social media is all the rage in the sales arena for the hospitality industry, but is there any hard evidence or research that shows social media engagement is actually leading to bookings, or are they considered more of a "must-have" presence just to keep the brand out there?

What must Sri Lanka do to correct its present image of being a cheap destination?

There is an ongoing debate about whether Sri Lanka is underpriced. Over the period of 25 years of war, Sri Lanka became a cheap destination due to ground conditions and bad publicity, and attracted the lower segment of the leisure market.

I need an online booking system!

Can you recommend an online hotel reservations system with real-time rates and a real-time option to finalise bookings? We are focused on the B2B segment.

How can travel agents embrace technology?

What are your recommendations for a medium-size tour and travel agency who is thinking of leveraging on an online booking engine?

Since when did PR become about just promotions?

I have worked with both a small and large international hospitality organisation. Based on my experience, many hospitality companies do not seem to take the role of public relations seriously.