Ask the Expert - Bob and Gillian Guy






Bob and Gillian Guy

Managing director

Destination Asia
Singapore and Malaysia



Bob and Gillian Guy are pioneering DMCs in Asia, formerly leading Pacific World in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia and now heading Destination Asia in Singapore and Malaysia, based in the former. Seek their professional advice on anything to do with running a profitable agency or getting the most out of a destination.


How can a travel agent succeed?

What is the average profit that a travel agent should make to ensure a sustainable business? What makes a successful agent and how do we measure its success?

Can PR be of any real use in our industry?

I have worked with both a small and large international hospitality organisation. Based on my experience, many hospitality companies do not seem to take the role of public relations seriously.

How do I face a colleague who loves to badmouth?

What is the best way of dealing with a negative co-worker whom I am forced to work closely with? This particular person has a complaint about everything and never has anything nice to say about fellow colleagues.

What do I say to my boss who has double standards?

My supervisor has caught me surfing Facebook several times during office hours and made it known that she disapproves. However, she goes to the 'smokers' corner' outside the building about five times a day.

How can I get good sales staff?

Being a director of sales of a growing hotel, I find it challenging to find a dedicated sales staff. The new generation of staff does not seem to be patient in earning their ranks, and their endurance under pressure is not like the generations before.