Ask the Expert - Kevin Leong



Kevin Leong

General manager
Asia Cruise Association



In this regular column, Kevin Leong, general manager, Asia Cruise Association (ACA), floats ideas on how travel consultants can jump on board to sell holidays at sea. Established in 2009, ACA’s goal is to promote the growth of cruise tourism in the region.



How should I sell?

When a client seated across the table from you had done his homework surfing the Internet and seems to know as much or more than you about the cruise regions in the world as well as all the cruise lines and the ships under their brands, the success or failure of your personal marketing to him will hinge on your confidence in your cruise product knowledge, the experience you had on cruising some of the ships, your skills in getting to know your client and finally delivering what he is looking for. As I had mentioned in previous articles, there is nothing like the good training provided by cruise lines and ACA - soon to come through its affiliation with CLIA.

Where can i get educated?

In today's business environment, the rental of training venues, AV equipment, seminar F&B packages, flying in qualified trainers, not to mention your costs in being absent from the office and perhaps even having to travel to training venues, can all add up.

How do I get educated?

A piece of paper is so important in Asian society. By that I mean a certificate, a diploma or a degree. Without one, it's difficult for an employer to determine how good you are, how well you have been trained, where to put you on the salary scale and so on. This also applies if one is entering a new area of work.

How can I get connected

If you've decided to start selling cruises, are you aware of the differences between selling regular air tickets/land packages and cruise packages?

Why and who to sell to?

Now that the latest cruise terminal in Asia (and the world for that matter) is opened for business at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, is it the time for you to get into the business of selling cruises? And if it is, how do you get a piece of the action if you are new to it?