Ask the Expert - Simon Nowroz





Simon Nowroz
Group Vice President
Business Development


In this column, Travelport’s president and managing director, Asia-Pacific, Simon Nowroz, examines assumptions about travel distribution

GDS technology is old and hasn't moved with the times.

This myth needs to be put to bed…forever! And thankfully I believe most travel consultants would agree.

Mythbuster: GDSs are great for air, but not for other content such as hotels

The GDS was first designed as the content pipeline between airlines and travel consultants, but today it has evolved significantly from its original scope to espouse the philosophy that content is king - hotels, car rentals, rail tickets and tours are now all readily available through the modern GDS.

Mythbuster: Air availability searches are still the best way to book flights

MANY travel consultants today continue to use the long-established air availability search, which means that in order to find the best fare for their clients, they look up a schedule of available flights, then dive into a handful of options and price them.

Mythbuster: A small company like mine has no need for costly and complicated GDS solutions

IN A small business, every dollar counts, as do the minutes you dedicate to servicing clients, processing bookings and administrative tasks.

Mythbuster: Apps are for geeks, not travel consultants

WHEN you look around at the world today, it's clear that great software companies build with their customers in mind. But the most successful companies push the boundaries in enabling their developer partners to build on top of their platform.

Mythbuster: The travel agency model is fast becoming unsustainable, thanks to the Internet

THE FACT of the matter is, travel consultants still play a fundamental part of the travel planning process and their expertise is highly valued by travellers.