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Triways Travel Network, Kuala Lumpur

S Puvaneswary

Fashion, coffee and travel go hand in hand at the spacious and inviting Triways Travel Network head office



PRESENCE Triways Travel Network head office and retail front moved to its present location in Taman Tun Dr Ismail in December 2012. It is in the heart of the busy commercial and business centre at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.


I was impressed when I walked in and saw that the ground floor comprised a customer service centre for customers to make travel enquiries and bookings, and a café. Known as Triways Coffee, the café sells cakes, snacks as well as heavy meals such as spaghetti, mendy rice and roast chicken.


There was also a very cosy reading corner with various local papers and travel magazines. And if that is not enough, there was a flight of stairs leading to Triways Boutique, selling mainly contemporary Muslim fashion clothing for women, halal cosmetics and travel-related items such as luggage bags.



APPEARANCE The travel section had four customer service terminals manned by staff in uniforms. I was told the crowd comprises mainly walk-in customers who either work, shop or stay in the Taman Tun Dr Ismail vicinity. Due to its central location, working adults in the vicinity can easily make a quick dash to the store during lunch time or after work.


The service staff entertaining me was friendly and she knew her business well. I asked her where I should go while on holiday in Singapore and she rattled off a number of must-see attractions and how I could get there by public transport.


The café section with tables and chairs were also very clean. Every table had a seating arrangement for four, and the furniture could be easily moved to combine tables for larger crowds should there be a need to.



EASE There was an open air car park within walking distance of the shop, thus I didn’t have problems with parking. The shop was also easy to locate with its huge signage.


I had called for directions earlier, and the customer service told me it was right next to the Mazda showroom. This landmark was useful in helping me find the place.


On the whole, I found the store very spacious and inviting. There were television screens running showing travel destinations as well as a fashion show depicting new styles in Muslim women fashion.



SUGGESTIONS If there was an area for further improvement, I suggest that Triways Travel also include more promotional brochures and collaterals for visitors to take home. After all, some walk-in customers may just be shopping, with no concrete clue on where their next holiday destination would be.


Giving away collaterals such as bookmarks, keychains and pens with the company logo imprinted would help visitors remember Triways in the future, when they need the services of a travel agency.