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Super Travels, Singapore

Lee Pei Qi

Super Travels was relaunched earlier this year but needs to refresh its service standards




PRESENCE Super Travels Singapore reopened together with Chinatown Point mall earlier this year. While this mall houses many other brightly lit travel agencies, Super Travels caught my eye with the biggest crowd on a weekday evening.


What I also found inviting was the way the consultants were seated – directly facing the entrance, which made the shop extra welcoming. There were also two LED TV screens that were placed on adjacent walls showcasing destination videos. Close to the entrance were two shelves of leaflets, which were categorised by destination and themes.


APPEARANCE The staff were smartly clad in pink shirts, all easily identified with their name tags. All were busy entertaining their customers, and not a single one batted an eyelid at me.


I waited for about 10 minutes before one of them finally looked at me and carelessly asked me to move to one side to wait further. It was my turn after another five minutes.


I quizzed the service staff about taking a trip to Egypt and unfortunately he was unable to provide me with basic details like latest tour products or even the best time to travel there. He was undoubtedly friendly, but it wasn’t helpful for him to tell me that his lack of knowledge was due to the fact that he hadn’t been to Egypt himself.


Another staff member stepped in later to advise me that Egypt is presently still unsafe for travel. They then recommended me other options and provided me additional leaflets for South Africa.  


EASE Housed inside Chinatown Point mall, which is situated at the doorstep of the Chinatown MRT station, Super Travels can be easily found.


There were sufficient seats in the office and adequate TV and reading material to keep me busy while waiting.


SUGGESTIONS I found Super Travels’ service to be rather disatisfactory. To cope with walk-in customers when the shop is busy, staff could deliver better service by offering them a drink first. The importance of establishing eye contact with customers upon entry should not be undermined.


The core product delivery by their service staff also failed to meet my basic expectations as I did not gain much valuable insight into my intended destination Egypt. They seemed eager to push me to go to South Africa instead.


It would be useful if they offered me their business cards when I left so they could provide me an avenue to reach them later on, but unfortunately they did not.