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Shanghai China International Travel Service, Shanghai

Hong Xu

Shanghai China International Travel Service's newly renovated store specialises in experiential service but needs to improve on customer engagement


PRESENCE In order to attract more clients, Shanghai CITS International Travel Service renovated its flagship store on West Beijing Road and reopened it in late January this year. The shop is about 10 minutes’ walk from the MTR station.


APPEARANCE The company is determined to offer clients experimental services that OTAs cannot give. Now the area of the store is much larger than before with lots of multimedia devices.


EASE Walking into the store, the first thing in sight is the video display area where videos and pictures of scenic spots from around the world are displayed on a giant LCD screen consisting of 10 smaller LCD screens. More interestingly, the shop also shows pictures sent them by visitors on the screen. Customers can receive one-to-one service at the registration desk where the service staff were well-trained in product knowledge and able to recommend a variety of options. Waiting guests can kill time by having a look at the pamphlets on offer first.


SUGGESTiONS I went there on a weekend afternoon and the shop was deserted as only the service staff at the registration desk were working at the time. When I was there, no one asked me if I needed any help. It would have been good for staff to greet guests.